Get Involved


A packing party is a fun way to get your friends, workplace or community group involved. You may choose to identify a drop off point in your local area or to ask us where there is a need for them. You may like to set up a collection point and ask people to donate products for the packs, or to hold a fundraiser and purchase the items yourself. Bags are available upon request, otherwise tote bags are also suitable.

We are also able to provide fundraising and packing materials. Please find a packing list HERE and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions. We would also love to see photos of your event! Or tag @periodpack_ #PeriodPack on instagram


Whether you have a gaggle of crafty friends or are on the prowl for an activity to fill your spare time, sewing for Period Pack is a fabulous way to be involved from absolutely anywhere – your local craft group or your couch. All of our bags are made from the same simple pattern and feature a drawstring close. Any fabric is suitable, though stronger materials are preferable. We ask that you please ensure your bags are approximately A3 size so as to best fit all the products.

We suggest all bags are made from a durable cotton fabric and are at least A3 size, however this is open to your interpretation. You can find a simple pattern to get you started HERE.

We would also love to see photos of your event!
Or tag @periodpack_ #PeriodPack on instagram


We would be delighted to be the beneficiary of your fundraising efforts and would be happy to
provide promotional materials and media. Please email us with any questions or for collaborations.


Period Pack is proud to offer an ambassador program to high school students in years 9-11. This role involves:

  • Promoting Period Pack in your community
  • Leading a fundraising campaign in your school, sporting club or other community organisation
  • Hosting at least one packing party

Period Pack ambassadorships run for a 12 month period and are an excellent way to give back to your community whilst being supported to learn skills in leadership, fundraising, public speaking and much more.

You can find out more about a Period Pack ambassadors role or apply HERE