Our Story

Period Pack is a small donation powered initiative, providing homeless and vulnerable women in the Northern Rivers of Australia and beyond with safe and accessible sanitary and hygiene packages.

Lily founded Period Pack in 2016 when she was 15 years old after becoming aware that the majority of homeless people in her area are young single mothers, older women and women fleeing domestic violence.

As a young woman who had just begun menstruating, Lily couldn’t imagine how difficult it must be to comfortably and safely manage your period whilst living without a stable home or access to products and amenities. Overwhelmed by the realisation that for many girls and women without the ability to manage their bleeding, menstruation is one of the biggest limiting factors in their lives – preventing them attending school and causing extreme detriment to their safety. That someone could be disadvantaged simply because they bleed is something she is dedicated to raising awareness about and preventing.

Lily believes that there is a public misconception about homelessness among women because it’s less visible. The people you see day to day on the street are by far the minority. There is a large ‘hidden’ homeless population which includes large numbers of vulnerable women, especially younger single parents, older women, and a large number of women fleeing domestic violence. According to new research, middle-aged women are the new face of homelessness.

Period Pack aims to help these women by providing them with clean, safe and accessible hygiene and sanitary products through the collection of donated products, including; pads, tampons, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste. These products are then made into care packages and distributed to Community and Homeless Centres, Soup Kitchens, Women’s Refuge Centres and Women’s Health Facilities and Schools throughout regional and rural NSW as well as to Aboriginal healthcare workers across the Bundjalung nation.

Period Pack has also lovingly made and provided over 500 maternity packs for women in need.