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Lily was inspired to start Period Pack during her Year Nine community service year at school and looks back upon the support and guidance she had fondly. As well as successfully growing Period Pack into a wide reaching community initiative and incorporated association, Lily has been involved in a number of other community service projects, volunteering, fundraising and advocacy. Lily has been awarded for her work in achieving a number of accolades including being recipient of the: 2017 ADF Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award; 2018 Youth Community Service Award from the NSW branch of the Order of Australia Association; 2018 BASE Youth Leadership and Community Service Award; 2019 Lismore City Council Young Citizen of the Year; 2020 Bangalow Young Woman of the Year and 2020 Finalist for the Freemasons Community Service Award. As well as presenting as a guest speaker at the 2019 Wisdom Embracing Youth Luncheon and as a guest panelist for Youth Frontiers.

Lily recognises that her ability to pursue her passions and dreams and to receive such recognition for her work comes as the result of the incredible mentorship and support she has been able to take advantage of. It is for this reason that she decided to introduce the schools program to Period Pack. It is her hope that through this program other young people may be able to experience mentorship opportunities and to become more involved in their communities.

The schools program is recommended for years 8-10 and involves fundraising for the products, packing the bags and identifying a drop off point in your local area. The activities involved in these tasks help to foster greater skills in collaborative teamwork, planning and organisation, positive community interactions and empathy. Through participating in this program, students are encouraged to identify needs, problem solve and work collaboratively toward a collective goal.

As a result of being supported to fundraise for and make the packs independently as young people and as a team of classmates, students feel a sense of purpose and achievement in giving back to their community and may be inspired to continue to do so by participating in other community projects.


Lily was an inspiration and a great mentor to the Year 10 students. She presented herself
professionally and spoke passionately about her project. She willingly assisted the students in
organising Period Packs that were donated to the Salvation Army and Woman Centres within

“Lily Harrison spoke to my Year 9 students about how to fundraise ethically and successfully. She
shared many practical tips … but more than anything she inspired them with her story of how she
got behind a project she believed in passionately and showed by example how young people can
make a difference in the world. My students found her not only inspirational, but approachable and
generous with her knowledge. I would highly recommend Lily to any community organisation or
class that wants to know how grassroots activism can work. I cannot speak highly enough about
Lily’s demeanor, her professionalism and humility. She is a gem!”


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Download PDF


Please email Lily at to register your interest in the schools program or to
find out whether she’s available to speak to your class group or school assembly.